Saturday, October 15, 2011

Child trafficking!!

While India marches to glory in the comet of nations the state of affairs for some unwanted kids is far from wanted!!
Yeah the ones you see on the traffic lights,impoverished,fragile,handicapped...but still begging??

I could never forget the plight of a 2yesr old kid who was in the lap of another kid who was 6 or 7yrs old. While waiting for an auto i realised that the kid was biting the toddler time and again so that he kept on crying??
Also observed outside the business district of Mindspace, Malad, Mumbai a group of kids barely covered in tattered clothes begging from rich call center employees,just few steps back a dangerous looking drugged thug keeping eye on collection and prodding them to beg more!!
All this happens in open in front of the civilized society and police!!
Have we ever thought how the supply of these tiny kids is maintained and how they turn out to be amputated always??This is a questions whose answer was given long back in Slumdog Millionaire! Yes there are organised child trafficking rackets which bring innocent kids from rural India either by stealing them or abducting some sad circumstances even the parents sell of kids due to poverty??
The plight of these kids is deplorable to say the least...and their existence is a big blot on the society which prides itself being the largest democracy??

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Apple Fantastic Jobs!!

By now, you're probably convinced that Steve Jobs was the Second Coming of Jesus. He wasn't.
He was a demanding, mercurial perfectionist. He could be, and often was, an incredible pain in the butt. He was the first technology diva. He needed "enemies" the way a fish needs water. He was more like Howard Roark, the protagonist of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, than he was Thomas Edison.
He led the most successful turnaround in technology history. He revolutionized a gaggle of businesses: consumer electronics, software, computing, retailing, music, film.
The key to understanding Jobs was to understand he wandered in the desert like Moses, not for 40 years but for 10. This was his time after Apple, when he invented NeXT, maybe the most powerful personal computer of its time. NeXT was a technical marvel and an economic wasteland. Only the true nerds wanted one, but once they had one, they wouldn't let go.
NeXT was Jobs' ticket back to Apple, which was badly in need of ... everything. But especially an operating system, so Apple bought NeXT and got Steve--buy one, get one free! Or you may have a different interpretation--buy Steve, get a free operating system!
Jobs had been driven from the temple by the Suits, namely, John Sculley. Sculley was much more the consummate politician, but in the end he was a soda water salesman. Sculley had learned the right words, but he never had the tune right. Exit Sculley.
In comparisons with Jobs, Bill Gates is usually cited as the better businessman, and perhaps he was. But at a certain point, Gates got tired, tired of the drag of running a business, tired of the Justice Department, tired of quarterly reports. Jobs never got tired. His thing: design. Design above all. Jobs once had a little Steve fit because he didn't like the screws inside the Mac. The screws! No one was even supposed to ever see them!
Jobs was the consummate venture capitalist, even though he wasn't one. He bought Pixar for a song--$10 million--from George Lucas. He nurtured Pixar, gave it life, let it make films (Toy Story), and hired brilliant people. He was running two companies at the same time, Apple in the morning, Pixar in the afternoon. Alert the helicopter; Steve is moving! The reason Jobs was worth $8.4 billion is that his little $10 million investment in Pixar grew to $5 billion.
Henry Kissinger once asked a staffer, who had the assignment to prepare a white paper, if this was his "best work." The staffer asked for the paper back and tried again. Kissinger then repeated the question, and the staffer then went back and tried a third time, afterwards telling Kissinger it was indeed his best work. Kissinger then replied: "Now I will read it." Jobs not only hired brilliant people, but he also got their best work. No one wanted to disappoint him. Also, no one wanted to be told that "This is the worst piece of ..."
Jobs' view of his competitors: sympathy. He never could understand why any company would release products so buggy and flawed, and why anyone would actually buy them.
Apple had every Jobs strength--and many of his weaknesses. He believed that individuals created and that products, such as Macs, should help creative people learn. Jobs actually never believed in teams or groups or collaboration. So the early Apple products were weak where Jobs was weak.
Jobs never really viewed his competition as Sony or Motorola or Nokia. To him content and media and presentation were simply manifestations of the same creative process.
Was Jobs easy to work with? No. No. No. Clearly, the media industry and the app providers learned that lesson. But give him credit: The music industry titans always viewed the pirate copy as their enemy. Jobs pointed out that they were fighting a losing battle and he had enough clout to get these dons to sit down and support iTunes, reluctantly.
When Walt Disney proposed that his company take its characters and make them into a theme park, the company's board members opposed it. Only because Walt was Walt did they go along. When Jobs saw a market for a tablet--actually, an updated version of the ill-fated Newton--no one else did, citing the number of beached whales the rest of the industry had buried. He invented the category.
He also reinvented retailing. The Apple stores, all 345 of them, stand alone: clean, stark, no frills, no hustle/bustle.
Jobs taught us that design and execution matter, that the newcomer can clobber the incumbent with simplicity and performance, that customers will pay higher prices if a product connects with them. While paying lip service to open source, Job hated it. He believed in a closed shop, whose products work elegantly, whose designs are understated, and which forges an implicit contract with the buyer/user.
Jobs' legacy isn't Apple Inc. His legacy is that excellence can and should be rewarded. And if the Googles, Twitters, and Facebooks of the world learn and remember that, it's because their leaders have stood on the shoulders of a giant.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Right or Wrong??

A clear conscience is the softest pillow!!
We humans have an inherent sense of right or wrong... that's what we Hindus call the ANTARATMA...the inner conscience...
At the verge of starting my small organisation with some colleagues..i am wondering whats the premise for setting a company...
What are the factors one needs to take in consideration before taking the first step..
Shall the company start operations without a clear Goal and ways to do business..shall we have a set code of work or keep it flexible..what should be one thing on which we shall never ever compromise.
I have seen company taking a stand against own employee just to placate a wrong account..cause that means revenue...What happens to the moral of the employee..
Some one told me once that life is all the same after earning 100 crs...its does not matter if yo have 100 cr 0r 500 eat the same, dress the same..and financially there is no end to how much is enough..
So the company should be value driven with clear conscience or money driven and flexible ready to take short cuts...Please help with thoughts!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guilt free..Are you??

God made humans and he gave them abundant joy....but he also gave them guilt.
A life  which is guilt free could be the best gift one could have!!But think from where does the guilt comes from??
From childhood we are instilled the values of right and wrong..these give rise to sub conscience which becomes the judge of each and every moment of our life!!
So what is this subconscious and how it always knows what is right and wrong for us!!The Indian mythology is full of anecdotes of this meeting with the sub conscience and how it changed the lives of many beyond comprehension. Its the inner voice which is readily available at ones beck and call, this is so pure and divine that if heard well it has the power to change the world....but such is the moral pollution around us and so badly we are getting conditioned not to listen to it...Our own conscience dies daily a slow and regressive death.
What is left of our lives is a justification..of why we didn't listened to ourselves.
Can we allow our kids to listen to their hearts and follow its leads without restrictions....but then comes a vital factor of Indian upbringing what we call Sanskar!
Its a purely Indian concept and cant be explained in other an Italian PM can boasts of mating with 8 prostitutes in a night and get away as that's the Sanskar of the land. But in a country like India a public figure will  have to hang his boots in disgrace and go into oblivion for even thinking so!!
Some times i wonder how will the spouses and kids of these overtly sexual beings feel in company of these alpha males!!How can a country let it self be ruled by a human who is yet to tame his very basic of animal instincts..whats the guarantee that during a public meeting he is not figuring ut how is he going to nail his next sexual victim. Its not about Strauss or Berlusconi its the overall acceptance of the moral bigotry....Its the death of the collective inner voice!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trade show's how they have transformed!

During last few days Mumbai witnessed the Agritech 2011 trade show at The NSE ground at Goregaon,Mumbai. As the name suggest this trade show's main attraction was the new emerging technology developed indigenous as well as overseas.

What amazed me is the new modes of display and the vivid details in the montage as compared to years ago. Now the poster at the trade show display are so livid and true to life as compared to the dull and uninspiring banners earlier,thanks to elegantly designed exhibit booths.
The ambiance itself has changed thanks to the centrally air-conditioned huge halls which have the capacity to hold 100s of booths. 

I was also impressed by the through security arrangements at the venue in light of the world wide terror alert considering 9/11 anniversary.
The participation by small entrepreneurs was the highlight of the show which showed the dogged  determination a win of creativity for the un organised sectors. The farmers cum entrepreneurs were not so conversant with presentation but were bang on with the technical aspects.

One of the new display technology which won accolades was the use of truss lighting which increased the over all ambient feel.
This exhibit proved fruitful for many companies as they booked huge orders from Indian as well as multinational companies. There was also a slew of MOU signing for sharing technology and infrastructure.
We wish to see more such well thought out and beautifully designed trade shows..Cheers!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna Hazare, India and corruption...

For the first time we Indians have started to debate the end of corruption!!This is a remarkable leap for a cynical society like us where each gesture is looked upon suspiciously!!Every one is looking for the hidden dagger behind hand that welcome??
The credit for awakening this time goes again to a Gandhian...who after decades later have shown to us how powerful the idea of non violent protest shit scared the government could be of its own people, the jasmine revolution and the freedom struggle from aristocracy going on in Arab world is a chilly reminder to people who want to hold on to power...
Many of my friends and colleagues belive that this Anna movement will not end corruption...but one man thought it will and he awakened a sleeping giant..Its the believers who have changed the face of this world and not the arm chair critics....I guess for the cynics its so difficult to see the writing on the wall...
I know they will laugh on me if it all fails but hey i believed i can bring the change.....
We have grown in a society where in people have told us always what not to do.. examples
Don't play
don't  drink
Don't run too fast
Don't drive fast
Don't meet friends
Don't meet girls
Don't love
Don't dive....
So here we are a non committal group of people who see the dark side of bright who do all wrong and expect others to do the cleaning for us..
Come on wake up smell the sweat and anger of the masses, all those on road are not doing it for publicity....Anna is a powerhouse and the youth and middle class of India is getting charged by his aura...


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