Saturday, January 27, 2007

Falling prices!!When to buy!!

Two of my colleague bought Nokia N 72 one month back from One of the best shop in Mumbai which offers value for money.They sell a phone even if they make US$2 /phone.The guys have a decent store with multiple brands of Cell phone available there.
Both my colleagues settled on Nokia N 72 for a rate of INR 15500.(US$345).Botha had upgraded from LG cdma phones to this marvel so it was love at first site for them,they were pretty happy till few days back when Nokia gave full page ads in National dailys about N 72 rate being INR13400.(US$298).
Both were sulking that they felt cheated.But that's whats happening in most markets prices are falling and more so of techno gadgets.The value loss is to such an extent in Home PC and Laptop market that in India no big finance company will give you loan for buying a comp.But if you go for a refrigerator or Ac there are Many options ranging from Ge money to retail loans.
This goes on to explain that if a buyer of PC defaults and the finance company tries to sell the same PC after an year they don't get even the 1/4Th of original value.
So how much is the real price of our shiny gadgets in the long run. Are we being fooled in to buying things which we really don't need,How many of us has used even 40GB of the updated 160 GB HDD we Bought? So one must really ponder before going on binge shopping.
I use a simple rule, don't buy on impulse,if you like some thing keep in mind go back home, the chances are you will forget about it.If you still remember the stuff after a day and the need is real ,it will drive you to the store again but this time its an informed decision...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hurray Roaming rates going down..

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Wednesday reduced roaming charges by up to 56 per cent.
TRAI has fixed maximum permissible charges per minute at Rs 2.40 for outgoing NLD calls and minimum at Rs 1.40 for outgoing local calls.The new charges will be effective from February 15.Minister for IT and Communications Dayanidhi Maran said the reduction in roaming charges was essential, and the companies should pass on the benefits to end consumers.

This is going to be path breaking move as it gives the Indian consumer more reason to use the phone with regards to home circle and roaming area.Lets see how much benefit comes to the consumer.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Gujrat is ahead???

When West Bengal government approved Singur project of TATA it was hailed as a great move.Which turned out to be a slug fest with every political party worth its salt throwing in the towel.
The sidelined firebrand leader Mamta banerjee got a lease of life as she turned it into farmers vs the TATA battle.She went on a fast and got all the press she needed.Finally the fast was broken after assurance from PM and President.
So it goes to explain how easy it is to start a big project in West Bengal.

Consider this .The government of Gujrat had called a Global investor summit called Vibrant Gujrat it called for investment by the industry.Mr Narendra Modi who is often remembered as a communal leader showed to the political circle that when its industries and investment what is to be done.
Results speaks volumes about this dynamic leader who is taking giant steps towards national politics.
A mind boggling 33 SEZ were passed in the last few months in Gujrat and there is not a single resentful voice around.That's commendable.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mobile as your cash card.

We have been hearing about this for quite some time that cellphones will be used as cash cards.Will wait for it to hit the markets.But in the meantime i have been using my Nokia 3230 with Airtel prepaid card for mobile transaction using Opera mini browser.
I have used It to recharge my Airtel card through ICICI bank net banking.Another interesting java application is NGpay it allows you to buy Air deccan tickets from your phone it uses a 128 bit encrypted line so its secure and reliable.One can buy movie tickets of Fame cinema as well as Buy gifts, books and many more things at Sifymall.I do believe that this is a good app and helps user shop from where ever he is with in Airtel coverage area.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nike retail in india.

US-based sports footwear and apparel giant Nike is planning to expand its retail presence in the country.
The company is looking at doubling its retail stores through the franchisee route by the end of this year. "Currently, we have over 100 monobrand stores in India. Probably, we will add another 100 this year," said Sanjay Mehra, general manager, Nike India. While launching the Ronaldinho signature collection here on Saturday, he said, the sportswear market in India is pegged at Rs 1,500 crore.
"It is growing at a rate of over 30% and we are looking at grabbing a considerable share of the market," he said.
Reported in ET on Satday.

What a time in indian retail all brands gung ho, all MNCs trying to get there share of the pie.
I recall here the famous saying by Pr Prahlad desai "Indian marketrs should look at indian masses not as poor peole but as hungry customers".
Bottom of the pyramid towns are now attracting big companies as masses get brand concsious.May the good times continue....

Friday, January 5, 2007

sports betting..right or wrong.

Batting and balling on field is a craze, we all love it and have done in our school and college days.
The little child in us is kept alive by our interest in sports of our choice.In India the cricket Craze is a religion ,many pitched battles are fought at every tea stall,Beer bar,Restobar,Lounge and Living rooms over what went right or wrong during the game.
We as a country love Cricket and it shows on our day to day life,if our team performs there is all round happiness if it loses it seems there is nothing happening right around us.
When such madness and liking exist for a game its really unfortunate to know that some players allegedly under perform under influence of Book makers.
Its not a done thing and should not be encouraged at all.
On the other hand in countries like USA, Australia ,UK. betting on sports and games is legal,there are so many online sites which offer online and live betting.Ex
There are some cricket based betting sites like Crickinfo.
I don't know if our country provides for online betting and what are the guidelines.
To my mind it appears to be a fare game where sport enthusiast go a step further than just watching and actually put there stakes in there teams win or loss.
Would like to know my readers stand on the issue.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Air Deccan may fly in profit.

As a well wisher of AIR DECCAN was
pleased to know that the low cost carrier
which has literally given wings to the Great Indian masses will be posting a decent profit this quarter.
This will auger well for the Airlines as it will give them a strong footing to move ahead.If the winters were not so bad with regards to Fog the profit would have been better.
Here goes my heartfelt good wishes to Captain Gopinath and team to give power of flying to the masses.


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