Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aa..ha! [Thinking Inside The Blog!]: The Math of Life

Aa..ha! [Thinking Inside The Blog!]: The Math of Life
Thinking aloud,What Deepak chopra said and what was quoted by Nimmy.

"Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given." Deepak Chopra.

I have been of the view that whatever one does consciously and deliberately has a hidden desire, a hidden agenda!
Example,Even when you give away your earthly possessions to some one needy don't you do this for the fulfilment and sense of goodness??The Niskam bhav(A state of wanting nothing in return) which has been promoted in Hindu mythology does it exist???

Friday, February 23, 2007

New breed.

Was sitting in the cafe contemplating what to write on my blog ,it was calm and peaceful,suddenly three men in there thirties came and Sat two comps next to me.The fellow who attends to the cafe came over and asked them to fill the now mandatory register which confirms your identity and address.(Been done after it came to police knowledge that public Internet shops Known as Cyber cafes was used in Mumbai train blast planning and coordination).
The guys were new to the cafe and were in some tearing hurry,the attendant asked thrice to fill the register.The thinnest among the three and one with a short fuse started abusing the attendant with dirty local galis.The attendant stood his ground and told" sir i am just doing my job as its being checked by police routinely"!
This further angered the frothing giant and he demanded to see the owner,When the mild mannered and gentleman owner came forward he was threatened and was shown a visiting card seeing which the owner squirmed and let the abuse go?
One could really see the frustration in the attendants eyes as his master didn't stood by him.
I was angered and disturbed but stopped my self from jumping on the trouble maker.I let it pass as it was the shop owner who should have objected .
Later when the guys left and calm was restored i asked who those rowdies were to my deep surprise it turned out they were tiny party unit heads of RPI a Dalit party.(Downtrodden)
The RPI has a strong base among the most backward classes of Maharastra and they champion the cause of social justice.
The guy with short temper was the local lad from nearby area who's claim to fame turned out to be his capacity to start a brawl at the drop of a hat. They had done it number of times where commoners suffer there arrogance because they always get away with there Dalit Leader card.
I shudder to think of what This angry young man will do when he rises up in Governance on sheer public vote based on the ground of cast?
The so called leader and administrators always forget that its the common man to whom there responsibility lies?
But amid all this the face of innocent law abiding Attendant remains in my mind with a reminder"It was my failure too".

Monday, February 19, 2007

The original idea.

" Knowledge is power and ideas rule the world"
The original idea is itself a misnomer as any thing and everything has an influence of the surroundings.The claimants of an original idea must give due acknowledgement to there source of influence.I had thought a lot on what can be termed as an original idea?Need your opinion about what is an original idea.The best among the entries Will be awarded.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What kind of blogger u r??

What kind of Blogger you are and why do you blog i found an interesting post on this topic at Aa..ha! [Thinking Inside The Blog!] This is a blog with deep thinking and meaningful ramblings of a good writer who has command and depth in her writing.What kind of a Blogger are you? This is an article which is bound to make us think and ponder about why we blog and what we want out of this.
To me my blogging is my way of filtering down of random thoughts news and views from around.It empowers me to share my views with all who deem it fit to check.
In the long run it leaves a trail of thoughts which i am sure will be worth checking some where down the line.Like you check your old Diary you maintained in your school days?
I write to shout, plead, inform ,blow a whistle and entertain.And if my views can generate some money in long term that's and financial incentive i look forward too.
This post can not be complete without thanking Nimmy .Thanks and keep up the ramblings!It matters.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Brief ads on TV how Vulgar.

Imagine this(though its real) You are watching Aajtak with your kids looking for the news of the day after a hard days work and there comes this GEn x briefs ad.Those of you who have seen that vulgar piece of communication will know what i am talking about.
Earlier the ASCI had acted on an complain and removed Ex.

ASCI Code Chapter/CCC DecisionAdvertiser’s action
Lux Hosiery Industries Ltd(GenX Premium Briefs)
Lookad (India) Ltd.
Mumbai Mirror(*)(5/2006)
Visuals - “a semi-nude man apparently being molested by a clothed woman”.As per complaint, Ad is obscene and may hurt a man’s sensibilities.
June 2006 Chapter II. Ad withdrawn.

According to me it was an add with lesser titillation but this one is so over the top.
A young men model opens the door in his briefs to see a Hot girl in skimpy dressing saying i am your washer women "Kapde nikaliye na"Dhone ke liye(take off your clothes.Wink, For washing) and a dirty wink.
Now thats a shame to see in prime time news channel what were the creative thinking and what happened to the so called Best news channel who didn't raised an eyebrow before showing this ad on prime time??
What kind of consumers they are looking at?Do all underwear ads have to be corny and loud to sell?

Prasoon joshi,A maverick.

Prasoon Joshi is one person whose creative endeavors are a treat to witness.

This small town guy from Almora is Executive chairman and Creative Director South East Asia for Maccann Erickson.

Prasoon is a man juggling two careers and more importantly, excelling at both. Joshi now a veteran in the advertising industry, is moving on to newer heights, taking up his obsession for music, and is already making noticeable headway as a renowned lyricist.

Though we are aware of his Ads and campaigns its a surprise to note that he has done these too. Dialogue WriterRang De Basanti (January 26, 2006) (Released) LyricistAdharm (2007) (Stuck/On Hold) Sunglass (2007) (Under Production) Fanaa (May 26, 2006) (Released) Rang De Basanti (January 26, 2006) (Released) 99.9 Fm - Nothing Is 100% (June 17, 2005) (Released) Rok Sako To Rok Lo (December 10, 2004) (Released) Phir Milenge (August 27, 2004) (Released) Hum Tum (May 28, 2004) (Released) Kyon? (August 29, 2003) (Released) Love At Times Square (February 14, 2003) (Released) Lajja (August 31, 2001) (Released) Bhopal Express (December 2, 1999) (Released) .

Its also wonderful to note his clever and witty ads here is a glimpse.Prasoon Joshi calls it the "moment of his life". He was at the Hapur railway station waiting anxiously for the train to start. Sitting inside his air-conditioned compartment, Joshi says he could almost touch and feel the searing heat outside. Just as the train was leaving the station, Joshi saw a porter sound asleep, covered by the shadow of a mountain of gunny bags stacked next to him.
A few days later, Coca-Cola went on air with its new commercial that showed a man sleeping peacefully on a busy pavement, with a pile of coke bottle crates protecting him from the blazing sun. The one-line caption with the ad said: "Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola". The ad, whose idea Joshi got from the fleeting glimpse of a porter at Hapur, went on to win the Golden Lion at Cannes in 2003, writes Business Standard.

Prasoon is a maverick because "Running against time is obviously quite natural for a man who belongs to so many worlds: that of poems (he has already authored three books and is now finishing the fourth one); film lyrics (he won the Screen award last year for Hum Tum and has just finished penning the dialogues and songs for Rang De Basanti, the next Aamir Khan movie; and songs (he sings most of his ad jingles".

The maverick calls his confused state of mind his creative hunch."Finality kills creativity. I want to be confused, by choice."Multitasking is the bible of Prasoon who adheres to it in true spirit as he also find time to appear in page three dos.Read his candid interview to get more idea.

We are so overwhelmed by our day to day life that we let our creative side perish under the burden here we must take inspiration from Genius like Prasoon a real achiever.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mother of all deals!!!!

When the news finally broke in the public domain it was a day like corporate India had dreamed always.Just ten years back No one thought that a Third world company will take over Uk's biggest steel company .But that's the reality today Tata's have done an encore after the historic Tetley deal.Lots of good press and bad press will come in light of this historic deal there will be supporters and detractors,but for all the sceptics spelling doom for Tata in long term and of Mittal Arcellor gobbling the new entity in few years, please come out of the cynics hat and for once let our hairs down for the most socially respected and revered company of India.

Mr Ratan Tata has been known As a mild mannered gentleman who commands utmost respect in corporate world, as a regular visitor to Bombay House(I go there every month too meet DR P Parekh) the imposing structure does give a air of regalia but its not at all threatening, its a real picture of the Tata's value system and culture where human relations and values are still honored unlike "make money at any cost" motto of most Industrial Houses.

Without being to much optimistic and loud i can say with pride that its a coming of age of the Indian Corporate world where they are reaching out to the world to realise the Great Indian Dream.Amen.


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