Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fast fact.

Fast facts: Do we need a 15000 song ipod?75% of us have fewer than 500 songs on our Mp3 players;50% barely have 100.!!!
Solution reserch group.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jessica Hines book review.

The Amitabh and Jessica story was news to some readers as Amit ji threatened to sue the writer for not being to his expectations.Now its passe and Jessica went ahead and published a book.Here is a good review of the Jessica book and Jessica herself courtesy Rediff.
On the other hand you have diverse view by Outlook. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Google phone 2.

My last post talked about a Google plan of launching its own version of public phone which provides access to Internet without computer or Pda.Now the mainstream media has got the whiff from blogosphere. Here take a look at a report in Economic times today. Google Phone is in the works, say industry insiders Hope like most Google products it also turns out to be a winner.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Google phone.

Google is on the move. The internet giant has held talks with Orange, the mobile phone operator, about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone' which makes it easy to search the web wherever you are.

The collaboration between two of the most powerful brands in technology is seen as a potential catalyst for making internet use of mobile phones as natural as on desktop computers and laptops.

Executives from Orange flew to Silicon Valley in California for a meeting at Google's headquarters, or 'Googleplex', to hold preliminary discussions about a joint deal. The companies believe that they have an affinity as brands that are perceived as both 'positive' and 'innovative'.

Their plans centre on a branded Google phone, which would probably also carry Orange's logo. The device would not be revolutionary: manufactured by HTC, a Taiwanese firm specialising in smart phones and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), it might have a screen similar to a video iPod. But it would have built-in Google software which would dramatically improve on the slow and cumbersome experience of surfing the web from a mobile handset.

A source close to the talks told The Observer: 'Google are software experts and are doing some amazing work compressing data so that the mobile user gets a much better experience. They don't know so much about mobiles, but they are eager to learn from Orange's years of experience.'

Among the potential benefits are location-based searches: aware of your handset's geographical position, Google could offer a tailored list of local cinemas, restaurants and other amenities, and maps and images from Google Earth. It is believed that the Google phone would not go on sale before 2008.

Google value the expertise of Orange, which is owned by France Telecom, Europe's second-largest telecoms group. A joint deal could be highly lucrative. Google recently became Silicon Valley's most valuable business at £81bn, although it still has a long way to go to eclipse the Seattle-based Microsoft. France Telecom has had a rockier spell, but this year announced sales of £33bn.

Tony Cooper, a telecoms consultant at Deloitte, said: 'There are numerous situations in which people say "I wish I had Google in my hand", and I can imagine the younger generation of users would think that a Google phone is a cool idea. It could bring in location-based searches like "Find a Thai restaurant in my area".'

He added: 'It has a potential to be a success, and to offer commercial success for both companies, particularly if Orange can link it to its broadband offering. If I was Orange, I'd want to get a share of the ad click-through revenues; if I was Google, I'd want a share of the airtime revenue. The potential stumbling block is if it's clunky and hard to use.'

Google already offers its search engine and other services on mobile phones. It has a partnership with Vodafone and last month announced a broadband agreement with the operator 3. It is working to make youTube, the video-sharing site it bought recently for £870m, easily accessible on handsets. But it is eager to expand in what experts see as a huge potential market, possibly the key to the future of the internet.

Manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola are working to make the mobile internet commonplace. Earlier this year Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice-president of Nokia, said at a product show in New York: 'In the mid-Nineties I said that if you don't have a mobile phone you will be making a declaration that you wanted to be outside organised society. People said I was crazy, but now everybody has a mobile phone. Today I'm saying that in 10 years' time the same will be true if you don't have the full internet in your pocket.

A spokesman for Google said: 'We don't comment on market speculation and rumour, but we are focused on mobile and there's nothing new in our commitment to that space.' Orange declined to comment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Amitabhs controversial biography.

'Jessica,' he pronounced, 'you have known me for seven years. My life has changed seven times. You will never finish this book.' There is no reason why Amitabh Bachchan and I should appear in the same sentence. He is India's most legendary film star - a cross between Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Elvis, and with more than a hint of John Travolta. In a country like India where film stars are treated as gods, Amitabh Bachchan is the uber-god, the Big B. As for me, I am English, almost thirty, and not in the least bit famous. But here I am in Bombay about to start writing his story. How did I get here? Why did I get here? Bombay is mayhem and Bollywood maddening. "The Big B" is strangely aloof, the magazines are full of lies, and no one is talking. I want to write a book that explodes the myths surrounding India's most famous man. Can I pull it off? Funny, irreverent and affectionate, "The Big B" is a fascinating look at the Bombay film industry and the story of a very unlikely friendship.

Excerpts from Jessica hines biography on Legend Amitabh bachchan.Amit ji agreed to her writing the biography but turned back on herv threatening to sue her?

Friday, March 2, 2007

They inspire your thinking.

Advertising agencies are the one who are influencing our thoughts and our subconscious also.How many times had it happened that you tuned into your favorite news channel to get updated but came across a really nice jingle of cereal.You like the tune the soothing visuals and its imprinted on your fresh morning brain for the entire day.When ever your mind is idea it catches up with the tune,worst for you but best for advertisers it keeps going on and on and on!!!
That's the power of ads, we either hate them or love them but you cant ignore them,they are everywhere.Each day a new venue falls to the lure of extra buck and a hording comes up.
Think a while any place in our cities devoid of ads??
They inform us, educate us,pamper us,fool us,mislead us,entertain us..Some one said "I watch TV for the ads as they give a welcome break from boring soaps."
Some people find it intrusive and boring,but to me a good piece of ad is a work of art how can we forget the legendary work done on branding,as they give us our favorite s and decide our preferences.The brands you use tell world about what kind of person you are.Great ad agencies have some highly creative minds working for that clinching idea??
Its so exciting to know behind the stage stories of legends of advertising.
Prasoon joshi is a shining example of a bright and creative Ad person.
So the next time you love or hate an ad think of the mind that created it?


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