Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are we Taliban?

Are we Taliban?
NO civil and democratic society Can accept this but in each family or society or city there is a dirty underbelly which is carnal basic and rudimentary.
The disguise of civilisation is often forced on the law abiding tax paying lower middle class while the rich and powerful have a different set of morality and rules!!
But what is troubling is the rich and powerful are the ones who set the guidelines of morality and law for middle class.Its like a minister with 9 children talking about the virtues of family planning.
Or a lecherous scoundrel inaugurating a destitute girls hostel.
Recent media reports about the staged encounters are a warning sign for any society because even the criminals have there human rights till proven guilty,police can not an should not get away with playing the self defence card.
It could be any of us other day termed terrorist or dacoits and shot down not for the active media around?
Real issue here is the dependence of our law and order machinery on politicians for fighting crime,which we all know is like giving the probate to the thief?The police needs vital reforms and a clear mandate that they are public servant and not a extra constitutional authority.
The street justice and lynching are signs of a weak and unruly society?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Power of life.

I have stayed in Maharashtra for long and have loved the place i lived in,but of late the plus points have become minuses.In my 14 days stay at Ahmadabad i dint see any power cut or the Load shedding which even a child knows as power cut in Mumbai and Thane!
What amazes me is the foresight of one government of Gujarat and the lack of foresight of Government of Maharashtra.
How can Maharashtra become a role model and Mumbai Shanghai without power.Forget Shanghai make Maharashtra as good as Gujarat??


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