Friday, June 13, 2008

Mumbai travel:Horrible,when will it improve??

I have been living in Mumbai since Sept 1999.I can claim that i know the city the culture and its ethos by now.
Before coming to Mumbai to make my carrier i had traveled to most of the North Indian cities.The most impressive was Delhi cause of historic importance as well as the infrastructure. Being the countries capital helps too. Mumbai is impressive when you are in south Mumbai,rest is crumbling and is in serious need for revamp.Mumbai has a Population density of 21880/Km2.Every time when i board the first class compartment of local train i pray to god for my wellbeing.Imagine 17 people in one square meter.
Whereas the population density in Delhi is 17076/Km2,its high as compared to any normal city but less than Mumbai. So when i travel in Delhi Metro my heart asks me when can i have this in Mumbai? Why are Mumbai's hard working and taxpaying janta taken for a ride . Is the situation not evident to the powers be.
The public transport system in Mumbai needs a revamp and lot of investment. A city which takes pride in being financial capital of India cant deliver the basic human right of traveling with dignity??


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