Sunday, September 21, 2008

India a soft target?

My Last post chronicled the terror strikes on Indian soil.

But sadly the trail continued with Delhi blasts!!

Once again we were helpless and scared for the well being of our loved ones in Delhi.After a round of phone calls relieved to note all acquaintances well!

But what about those killed or maimed? They too have people who care about there well being?Am i not being mean in taking solace in well being of my immediate family?

The Delhi police strikes back with killing two terrorist in a minority dominated area of Delhi.

Surprised to see the heavy deployment of police where they expecting backlash from the locals?

All killed in encounter or caught are from AAzamgadh in UP?Surprise surprise no condemnation of blast and killing of innocent by samajwadi's?No statement from Mulayam or Amar singh?Oh they cant afford to anger there vote bank!Just few day back they protested the ban on Simi?True politician's!

Public memory is too short and manipulated by the powers?No body is asking what happened to Cash for vote scandal?ET reported that the entire intelligentsia worked openly to insure "Singh is King".So why will they let any trail of their dirty work behind?

The suave and wooden home minister has the finesse and moral to change three suites in a day when commoners are maimed and ripped apart few kilometers away?

We are so used to his diatribes of routine press brief where he never takes responsibility of any thing?After all its a old saying Success has many fathers but Failure is a Bastard?

The life moves on despite the threat against local trains to be targeted in Mumbai we travel back home in it.Not cause we are brave but got no option.India waits for another precise and well orchestrated blast where scores will be killed!Breaking news again,same headlines another city,same routine press conference,same crocodiles tear shed,the sheepish grin of the terrorist bursting bubbly for there success.

Marriott in Pakistan bombed for third time?Suicide bomber?

Ant we lucky not facing the menace of suicide bombings like in sri Lanka,Pakistan or Iraq?

Life is relative,happiness sorrow,pain ecstasy,all relative.


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