Thursday, October 16, 2008

Global recession

The calamity called global recession has hit Mumbai with brutal force.This is evident in the local train gossip where one gets to hear very interesting viewpoints every day.
One gentleman was blaming the Central banks for printing more money than needed,
One was blaming the over greed of the corporates and the lack of safeguards in the economy.
One simply put it as an American crisis which has exposed how vulnerable our economies are and how inseparable we are from the much hated Uncle Sam. 
The reserve bank of India has cut the CRR twice and hope of More liquidity is alive.The loss of confidence in the financial sysytem is palpable as i witnessed people frantically withdrawing money from ICICI and HDFC ATM's.
What i fail to understand is when everything remains the same suddenly how the economy is failing.
Just some time back there was talk of India securing 10% growth and crude touching the $150/Barrel mark.All of a sudden its the reverse with crude now at $73/Barrel.
The speculative markets and the crazy profit seeking agents are creating havoc thru out the world!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jodhpur stampede!!

India has many facets,one is a country progressing fast and taking its rightful place in the comity of nations,
another is of a under privileged downtrodden hinterland where children die due to lack of nutritious food and basic health care.
On one side we have temples like the Tirupati,Siddhivinayak and Akshardham which are so well managed that it compares to a corporate, on the other hand        Chamunda Temple of Mahendra garh where 160 people died due to slippery way and stampede.
I fail to understand the mindset when healthy and able crush the old and child to save owns life??
Cut to any stampede its the physically weak and minors who die most.
When there is some bad happening in one home or flat no body wants to buy that property?
What about the temple where 160 plus people die in an hour???
What we take as fate is the callousness of the temple trust and the lack of civic behavior of our citizens.
My heart is saddened by the huge loss of life and distress caused to as many families.
Today we make it a point to avoid all big social events cause we fear a bomb blast or a stampede..
What future am i giving to my kids????


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