Friday, November 28, 2008

Pakistan behind Mumbai attacks.

Glad to note the response from the PM.The firm demand to send the ISI chief to India to share the intelligence input is unprecedented?
I don't know how much can we trust the ISI after the Afghan consulate blast and direct link of ISI in it?
But we got to make a start.This is the least we can expect from a democratically elected government in Pakistan.
If Pakistan comes with helping hand in combing out the terrorist in Pak it will be big confidence booster between two estranged countries.
The History is full of examples of deceit and treachery from Pakistan,i am afraid the patience of Indian public is almost over and if Pakistan plays games again it will be unfortunate!!

Terror and Kids?

The toughest part of the ongoing crisis at Mumbai for me is to explain the proceedings to my 4 and 1/2 years old child!!
last morning was not the usual one as we woke up at 5 am to check on Taj and Trident update.
She is used to getting up with Dora the explorer on Nick TV.
She was happy to note the school is closed and so is my office.But the 33 hours of continuous terror pics are too much for us so we let her check her Cartoons.
My kid wants to know whats happening  on seeing the injured she says that all wounded will recover in hospital.
She does not comprehend death so i have not explained it to her?
I am sure its tough times for parents to tell there wards about the hostage crisis?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai attacked??

Army commandoes moved into the luxury Oberoi and the Taj Mahal hotels early on Thursday to flush out terrorists holed up hours after an unspecified number of heavily armed gunmen went on a rampage in ten places in South Mumbai killing 80 persons and taking some foreigners hostage. 

Four suspected terrorists were killed in two separate incidents overnight including two during a gun battle in the country's iconic landmark Taj hotel, police said. 

Maharashtra deputy chief minister R R Patil said nine suspected terrorists have been arrested. Schools and colleges were ordered to be closed. 

Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said five police officers including Anti Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare were killed in one of the worst terror strikes in the country's financial capital that in all claimed the lives of at least 11 police personnel. 

"The operation (by security forces) is still going on," he said. Besides army commandoes, naval commandos and Rapid Action force personnel joined in the operations to rescue those stranded in the two hotels. Five columns of Army and 200 NSG commandoes have been rushed. Two sten guns have been recovered by police so far, he added. 

Deshmukh said it was not immediately known how many terrorists were involved in the audacious attack in ten places that shook the western metropolis. The chief minister said the Taj and Oberoi is not in control yet. He said there are no terrorists in Cama hospital which was also targeted by gunmen. 

Police reported that some hostages were still being held at the Taj Mahal and Oberoi with eyewitnesses saying the gunmen had targeted foreigners after they kept shouting: "Who has US or UK passports?" Several guests were also stuck. 

Fire was still raging in the old wing of Taj hotel several hours after it was rocked by five to six blasts and enormous clouds of black smoke rose from the the century-old edifice on Mumbai's waterfront.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Is this democracy?

The report is disturbing and alarming?
The obsession with security is not new in politicians.Its the common mans money which is being misused and squandered on wishful imagination of our so called leaders who champion the cause of Dalits(The Downtrodden!!)
The elaborate arrangement will make all Dalits proud of her achievement as its one of there own?
Same plight the Upper cast had when there own were squandering the public wealth.
My Papa says money and power is cast less.The lure of money and power blinds all..
How true... we all are social animals who respond in similar way..
I praise the comrades for a life of austerity.
Though i must clarify I'm politically neutral... 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indian Space reserch:Its impact on comman man?

I use to wonder whats the use of a space program of 4000 crore per year in a country where 30 crore people are still below the poverty line??
The Chandrayan mission has added the spark and pride in each Indian who knows of the feat.
I am sure the people in my village who fight for daily livivng has no clue about the Chandrayan feat.
For them its more important to gather wood to fight the winter chill.
The Indian space program is a endeavour which can make any developed country envious of.Now let me tell you how many people in India get there daily bread due to the space program and satellites.
To start with my family gets its expenses thanks to INSAT 4 CR!!!
I work for Airtel Digital TV and our broadcast depends on the satellite which is positioned above India at an incredible height of 36000 kilometers.
So all the people in the TV broadcast industry are getting there lively hood thanks to these Geostationary satellites.
Our lives are getting enriched and safe thanks to the Space program.
Its important and correct for a society to invest in Technology of the future...   

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lap a Laptop!!!

I remember as a kid how fascinated was i to see a digital diary of Casio.The one having the gadget will key in the address and the contact details in it using the qwerty key board.
So when i got my second salary in 1999 i bought one for Rs 1800.
Then came the mobile revolution and PC revolution.
The PC revolution has transformed the way we look at and deal with issues in our day to day life.
Any aspiring young human today needs a Laptop to be in touch or sync with the work and world.
With so many companies projecting there product to be best its a nightmare to decide which one is good for you?
I came across a place where one can see and read the reviews posted by the real users about the notebooks.This site actually helps you in to deciding the Best Laptop for you.
More importantly it cuts out the ad jingo and jargon's and talks plain.
Its not a surprise that i got a HP laptop after reading the reviews online here.
So  readers check this site before buying your sleek and sexy laptops....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Have u thought about it?

The malegaon blast that killed six was one small event as against the big ones like Mumbai train blast or the recent once at Ahmedabad,Jaipur and Delhi.
One big difference is that it happened in a muslim area??
The suspects are some Hindu organisations??One sadhvi in a lock up and a possible army linkup.
The thing which alarms me is the alarcity with which this case is being investigated as compared to the damp and sloppy investigation of bigger ones!!
The said culprit is sent for repeated narco test?
Is the government not in haste to prove the involvement of Hinduism in terror to safeguard the muslim vote bank?
The cash for vote scam has been put under carpet as predicted by ET.If the scam was being run as a top priority national activity to safeguard the fall of government by RAW,CBI and top power brokers then who is left to investigate??
As predicted there is clean sheet on Amar singh as the winner writes the history!!
I fore see stroking of Hindu and Muslim sentiments before the next Loksabha elections...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Customer service!!

Such pathetic and abysmal is the service sector in our country that even a normal service experience delights us!!
There has been many occasions where we have felt cheated and taken for ride by big as well as small companies.But due to our different priorities we seldom seek reprisal.
Like its been 7 days since i bought an IFB 25ltr microwave oven.
On registering the product on the website the message flashed CC(Customer care) will get in touch for the demo?
No one has bothered to call?
The Diwali Dhamaka scheme of 9 piece glass cookware was not disclosed top me by Apravas Distributor Vasai West.When i informed them about the error the sales man said he will check and revert!
Three days gone no response???
I planned for a trip to Shirdi during Diwali vacation,booked train tickets on IRCTC a good experience no hassles.
Hotel booking tried Ezeego1,NDTV travels,Yatra etc.
Same rates and same hotels shown!!
Went ahead with Ezeego1 booked Deluxe ac rooms at Hotel sai Leela shirdi for 2400.
They claimed its a ***(3 Star) Hotel!!
My room where i checked in 314 was dirty.Cobwebs in the toilet?
Despite my five requests the mosquito repalent mat was not delivered?
The AC was very noisy?
The bed sheet and the pillow cover had holes in it.
Shampoo not given,second soap given only on demand?
The waiters wore dirty uniform?
1 bottle Bisleri in room cost Rs 25.
Before the checking out on 29th Oct i requested for  for a 2 hour extension as my train was at 5 in eve and i thought it will be good for my kids aged 4 Years and 0.8 months.
As expected the manager refused the extension.
When we were going to the station and i requested for a flask of hot water (for kid) the receptionist asked me to go to the restaurant.
I pleaded and requested no body bothered it was only when i rose my voice a waiter took the flask in to pantry.The sight inside was filthy and dirty??Is the FDA doing any checks on the hygiene?
Its so needed that we get to see the place where our food is prepared before we dine.I am sure all the high society people dining their must have ran away after seeing what i saw.
Finally the waiter brought the flask after an agonising 10 minutes??
Why do i need to go through this for as simple a thing as plain hot water.
Its the damn care attitude of the service provider??
The customer goes for a toss once he checks out attitude will never last longer.
I will not recommend either IFB or Hotel Sai Leela at Shirdi to any discerning people!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mumbai migrants!!!

MNS chief Raj Thackeray has been saying that migrants from the cow-belt are swamping Mumbai, but an analysis of a five-year data on migration pattern reveal that an equal number of migrants have been coming to the city from within Maharashtra. 
The study conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) showed that in a five-year period between 1995 and 2000, around 8.6 lakh migrants came to Mumbai. The study was based on the 2001 census data which put Mumbai’s population at 12 million. 

Of these 12 million, 3.2 lakh had migrated from north Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. Migrants from Maharashtra to Mumbai numbered 2.4 lakh. And, 1.2 lakh South Indians migrated to Mumbai in the same five-year period. ‘‘This data explodes the myth that north-Indian migrants are overcrowding Mumbai. 

While the number of people who come from the southern states have decreased, there is a large number of migrants coming to Mumbai from rural Maharashtra in search of employment,’’ said professor D P Singh of TISS who conducted the study. 

He said that political parties like MNS should realise that many migrants come to Mumbai not to usurp the employment opportunities of the locals. ‘‘Many come to stay with their families who already have jobs, others to set up small businesses which adds up to the city’s GDP,’’ Singh said. 

He cites examples of the huge migrant Gujarati population which set up businesses and commercial establishments in Zaveri bazaar and Dadar area in the beginning of last century. ‘‘These shops and commercial establishments have employed lakhs of people. The migrants have not taken away employment but provided job-opportunities to the locals,’’ Singh said. 

A large chunk of the migrants who came from north Indian states from remote villages provided support to essential services in the city, be it supplying milk, construction work, carpentry service, taxi service or even working as a security guards. 

‘‘These jobs are there on the platter for everyone and there is no question of taking away these jobs from the locals. The talent and will to work hard is all that matters,’’ said Singh. Demographers point out that migration is the root of all cultural and economic progress. ‘‘Migration integrate people from different cultures and inturn make them more secular and broad-minded which is essential for the progress of any country,’’ Singh said.


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