Tuesday, December 23, 2008

School trade shows...

Recalling our days at the boarding school at Pusa...

we had four houses Tagore,Rajendra,Gandhi  and Bose.

The rivalry was evident for all to see.The beneficiary was the school admin which enjoyed the best surveillance possible courtesy the house system,any rules broken by other house member was duly reported to the teachers as we use to get marks in name of our house for the deed.

All sporting as well as extra curricular competition were also house driven and we use to aspire to be the best house during the Annual day function.

The annual day used to be a two day celebration with each house making stalls booths and colorful displays to please the judges.,

With each passing year the glamour kept increasing if one house used colourful table skirts other will make big Banner stand which will be a collage of activities done in last year.

The parents used to take pride in visiting the Trade show booths manned and run by there wards.

Out side the the designated display area festooned by pipes and drapes will be the stalls serving piping hot local food as well as sweetmeats..

The taste of success on stall still lingers in my mind and senses..

When i go on company sponsored tours i make it a point to visit exhibitions and trade fairs of all sort..it opens up my horizons and provides a ready made platform for liaising..


Bronze age to silicon age..

The man kind has depended heavily on metals and materials form bronze age to the silicon age.
It intrigues me to categorise the type of materials which we use in our day to day life..
The most basic of materials like copper,steel or the precious ones like Gold and silver.
Today the auto industries uses composite materials to save on the cost of fuel and also for more sturdiness.
Its a surprise to note the kind of materials used in medical science from  stainless steel to titanium and chromium.The nuclear medicine department of big hospitals use restricted and highly secure radio isotopes for bone scan and other non invasive investigations.
Long gone back are the times when we had forging and alloy companies serving the industry,today there are specialist companies which deal in divers composite materials being used in civilian as well as military use.
One on of my trips on field audits for Airtel digital TV i was surprised to see a replica of Brahmos missile in a privet firms engineers home?
The gentleman explained that they worked on contract with the Indian government to develop a sturdy and light material for the deadly missile..the rest classified.
The brass utensils which were used in our village as a normal material has now found place in star hotels serving exotic meals.
I salute and wonder at the same time to the quest of humanity to find lighter,stronger and economical materials for future which are also Eco friendly..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ISI is not a bunch of fool's!!

When the Pakistan president claims he is a victim of same terrorism which marred and scarred India on 26Th Nov,he is true.
The ghastly execution of Benazir during the election campaign was similar to the execution of our beloved leader Mr.Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE.
All the terrorist killed in Mumbai are of pak origin and had a lot of things on them bearing Pakistani origin.
I fail to believe that a shrewd intelligence agency as ISI will leave blunders like giving Pakistan made goods to terrorist if they want to hide it?
This appears the case of  planting things and equipments to highlight the Pak link.
The Indian Media is on an overdrive to prove Pakistan guilty..
The truth is that the real power in Pak is in hands of the Army and the ISI,the democratically elected government is paralysed by these parallel governments and has to take sanction from Army and ISI on any strategic and crucial matter.
I don't know how long the weak Pakistan government will survive?
We Indians must understand the old concept of prosperous neighbourhood!!
If i live in a locality where all except me are poor,then i am going to be a soft target for all due to envy and jealousy.
The wise elders in village help the poor around to gain the riches knowing that prosperity in neighbourhood is security for them.
India is the big brother and a bully who enjoys very little loyalty from its neighbour's.
Smallest of countries like Bhutan and Nepal are getting big packages and tools from China?
Why should they feel good about India.
Today all our neighbours are in abject poverty where as India aspires to be a super power!!
Remember a poor Mexico and Colombia are still nagging the real super power USA.
Where as a prosperous Canada is no threat.
Isn't it the time that India take initiative and revive SAARC  .


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