Friday, March 13, 2009

Best Islamic state?

Once i was in a conversation with a learned Doctor from south Mumbai on the virtues of Islam and its future in the world.

The Dr kept on praising  the hard line Islamic view..

I asked him whats which is the best Islamic state according to you?

Answer: Taliban ruled Afghanistan!

!That was the end of our conversation.

For ever....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Criminals in politics...

Troubled states adjoining India are a cause of concern for the peace and prosperity of India.
With the general elections announced the threat to India has increased many fold.The difficult task of ensuring free and fare election lies on the election commission of India.
The Indian general election has been a big tamasha with the pomp and show of cheap promises and taken for ride proposals.
The manifestos of parties read like wish list rather than concrete plans.
What to say of Rs 2 a kilo rice?
Free color television to all BPL families?
Rs 2000 dole to unemployed/month??
The money will come from where no party has the answer.
When the recession bug has stung the entire world our politicians are day dreaming on job front and unemployment.
The media thankfully is the saving grace and the TOI in particular..
What an eye opening campaign of lead India.
The guts of the TOI group to denounce the criminalized politics is splendid.
Criminalization of politics is spread across all parties..
The lead India movement is gaining momentum day by day..the talks in trains and the street is evident.
Lets pledge not to vote a criminal...


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