Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A leader is a dealer in Hope!!
How true it is.The USA saw that hope in the miracle man Obama.
The spiritual seekers seek it in there gods!
The child sees hope in the promises by her parents!
Even promise of a ice cream treat next day fills the child's heart with optimism and a valid reason to go forward to a new day!
Hope is life hope is the best feeling we can cherish!
The worst case scenario too looks forward to better times that's hope.
Its the single motivation for a country of magnitude of India to get on with what we have and strive and hope for better.
Its with the hope of a better government which can protect the citizens and provide jobs and basic amenities that India goes to vote.
Hope India!Vote India!And Vote Bharat too.(Cause in the call to India we forget the Bharat)
Jai Ho!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jarnails shoe hits congress in face!!!

When Bush ducked and saved his face from the Iraqi journalist shoe the world was angry on the journalist for missing so badly!

But when Jarnail singh missed PC the forced home minister of India( he was the FM first) the response was unique?

India is being governed by a Sikh leader who had publicly apologised to the community for the 1984 riots.
When the congress was putting pressure on the BJP's most popular campaigner Modi (the Gujarat CM) for coming clean on Godhra riots it finds itself caught badly in 1984 riots case.
Mr Jarnail singh missed the home minister but hit at the right spot!

The ashamed congress was in a dilemma rather to criticise the act or show support?
PC resumed in a true politicians style but the shoe hit Tytler and Sajjan kumar two days later!!

Congress has decided to pull out Tytler and Sajjan kumar the alleged conspirators and perpetrators of Sikh killings?

The PM has asked the CBI for clarification?

Questions i want to raise now are:

1.Isn't the withdrawal of candidates by congress a confession to crime?

2.Is it the Sikh vote bank which has made Congress go back on two loyalist of years?

3.Isn't the PMO deriding the credibility of the office of CBI?

4.Is this a long term or a stop gap arrangement to appease the Sikh community?

5.Should the Sikh community be happy with the reprimand to accused or start a new offensive as congress agrees to the charges?

Our great democracy where there is no bar on criminals,there is no benchmark of education,where there is no age of retirement will continue with the gimmicks of politicians who change colours so fast the endangered reptile will feel ashamed of.

Guys in congress need to come clean on the issue are they confessing to the crime against the Sikh or is it a poll tamasha??

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Munnabhai cant dance on Poll?

The Indian democracy is a happening one,The other day i wrote about Munna bhai getting the SP ticket from Lucknow(No luck for him).
The honourable supreme court has rejected his plea to stand for MP.
A good and sound move considering his tainted image.I am happy for the common man of Lucknow to be spared a filmy drama.(like we have in Mumbai North Represented by Govinda)
When the public faced rains and flooding he was never to be seen.Heard this time its going to be a fight between Sanjay Nirupam (Congress )with Ram Naik (BJP) .
Ram Naik is a seasoned politician from the area and is well known.Only grudge people from this area have is him doing very little for suburban train travel when he was the union railways minister!!
Sanjay Nirupam is ex Shiv Sena,Vocal and popular(Remeber him on Big boss).
Sanjay speaks well and has a clean image,Transformed from Hard line Hindu activist to a soft core secular.
Lets see what the people of Mumbai North decide?  


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