Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tele marketing good or bad??

Often you are in a crucial meeting and you receive a call from an unknown number!!

The sweetest voice on earth wishes you and starts offering the USP of some product which you may need or may not.Like in March every month one receives innumerable calls from insurance companies and the financial planners to invest  in there product.

You wonder many a times who are these guys and how the hell they got my new cell number?
Point one there are moles in each company and point two there are legitimate companies selling database of people who have opted to receive telemarketing calls in writing.

Apart from the annoyance felt at such moments of unwanted calls the truth is if you start a company which needs to launch its new products for the middle class the best place to go for a ready database is marketing list.

The companies maintain a ready database of different profiles useful for generating mailing leads.
So no legwork and RnD on your own you get a ready database of customers suiting your need.Cool.
Recently i availed a home loan from reputed housing finance company and bingo!!My phone was inundated with so many offers and calls from similar companies.So that tells that there is a ready database of mortgage mailing list which is useful to a finance company offering similar products.
So as you see there are two sides of a coin.If you happen to get a marketing call at wrong time you are grousy but if you benefit from a call you don't mind :-)..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Herbal trade show.

Recently attended a trade show on herbal and natural products.
It was astonishing to find the kind of range and depth of class the products offered.The herbal cosmetics segment had the most trade show booths.
The cosmetics ranged from cleansers to moisturisers and toners.The surprise was a complete male range of products.

One particular stall had all things recycled so much so even the table skirts were also recycled?
The herbal tea and herbal beverages stall was doing brisk business.The hot weather added to the sale of sherbets and chillers.The herbal bandwagon is fast making in roads in self cure medicine range.The medicines are for good appetite to low sugar to aphrodisiac!!
One banner stand which was drawing attention a lot was a big carnivore promoting herbal diet!
One innovative herbal vendor has done all the deco in greens.Even the pipe and drape were all green with vines and plants surrounding the entire stall.
The herbal trade show was a green and fresh with equally fresh ideas!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

New businnes oppurtunity..

The hard working executives working day in and out for a firm often get a flash in the mind!Why to work so hard for some one else?Why not have  own firm and then as much extra hours i put in that will add to my coffers!
I am sure it hits us all at one point in our Carrier!
Here is the solution!
While surfing the big world wide web came across an interesting concept of ready to buy ventures.
The most favorable and the well acquainted are the computer franchise and Internet franchise.
The franchise model reduces the individual entrepreneur risk as it brings with it the hedge of a group.
The huge success story of big business conglomerates derives its strength from the franchise operation.
More often its the franchise which becomes the face of the company to the end consumer.
Computer franchise and the Internet franchise models have been benchmark of good franchise business. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Boy...

My last post said a leader is a dealer in hope.
Rahul Gandhi has shown that hope to the youths of India.
What a remarkable turn around in Uttar Pradesh a record 20 seats after a hiatus of 20 years?
No one thought its posible,probably not even Rahul thought so.His arduous travel schedule in which he covered 87k Km is In surmountable.
Rahul has revived the almost dead Congress at the grass root level.His selected candidates have won handsomely.
The best thing is Rahul is calm and composed in face of splendid success.True sign of a balance personality worthy of a cabinet post..
Go ahead the Young Gandhi..the world beholds... 


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