Monday, June 1, 2009

Jai ho Soniya ji.

The silent doll of Indian politics was a rank outsider.
She saw trauma when her mother in law was assassinated that was not all.
The biggest shock for her and the nation which she choose to call her home was the assassination of her husband.
She went in to hibernation and contemplated all moves.The Congress made a government in center out of the sympathy move.
The organisation was out of the hands of Gandhi family and it took its toll.The likes of Narsimha Rao and Kesari ruined it.
When she decided to take charge she was laughed upon and criticised.She persisted with the broken Hindi script written in English.
She renounced the post of PM and installed the maverick Manmohan to ensure she emerged larger than life.
She made a historic move by declaring the president is going to be a lady.And it happened Pratibha Patil is the president of India now.
She has again made a ground breaking move of nominating Meera Kumar a dalit leader and daughter of Jagjeevan ram as the new speaker of the Lok sabha.
This decision has proved that the silent doll has become an astute politician who plans her masterstroke at correct time and checkmates all.
Her stature keeps on rising day by day.
Jai ho Soniya Gandhi!!


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