Sunday, December 6, 2009


Saw Paa with my Paa and my 5yr old girl.Its special...I second Paresh Rawal when he says that the director of the film Balki is partial to Big B as he has given him 2 chances of playing 2 very interesting roles in Chini Kum and now Paa.
The novel thought of Balki of shocking the janta by making JrB father of BigB is splendid.The film is so bold and path breaking.I do not second the views of P Nandi that media bashing was over done.It was good to see media being targeted for a change.
The looks of JrB had uncanny similarity to Sachin Pilot??
I liked the casting intro by Jaya ji but fail to understand why cant she have played the role of Vidya's mother??
For that matter how about Mrs JrB playing the role of Vidya??
Paa is a film which is special and tugs at heart at the right time but not too long..thankfully...
Recommended for the entire family viewing...
Kudos to AB corp and Balki..look forward to more...


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