Monday, February 8, 2010

Teen shows and reality TV!

The Genre of reality TV is so cliched these days..what with the funnily absurd shows like the "Rahul Dulhaniya le jayega" on NDTV imagine or the sleazy "Emotional atyachar" on Bindas TV!
What happened to the real brave and dangerous show which challenged the guts and stamina of a commoner?
In search of the reality genre i came across the Wipeout on AXN Asia initially it appeared an upgraded version of Takeshis castle but hell no this is mind blowing,one can catch the same on AXN in India.
The anime channel is the craze among the teens today,today spotted some kids in a malls wifi zone watching anime online using windows mobile phone!!
Noticed that the Animax is favored more by teens who are into creative field.
The latest talking point i heard is the show Gurren Lagann which plays at Animax.
The teens of today demand the best in creative and fun action shows which is being catered to by many youth TV channels but Animx and AXN satnd apart!


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