Sunday, March 21, 2010

The loser Farmer!

The man takes the effort of procuring seed,fertilizer the insecticide the water for irrigation toils the land makes it plan table.
The out come after many months of care and nurturing is sold for less than the production cost is a pity??
This is not fiction I'm talking about the Farmers of India!
Right now when i buy a Kg of potato for Rs 12/kg in Mumbai my fellow villagers are forced to sell their produce for less than Rs 2/kg!!
So why is this disparity??
The legendary supply chain ads the extra cost!!Its not just transportation cost but all sorts of states and municipal taxes!!
So the middleman gets to screw both the producer and the consumer!!
In some parts of the world their is this concept of farm to mkt!Why cant we have the same in India?
Whats the role of the state and Central gov bodies in ensuring the goodwill of farmer and the consumer!
Why the farmer who does the maximum work is in loss and a middleman by just using his clout makes the maximum profit!The poor farmer keeps on getting poorer but the filthy rich middleman grows yr on yr.
Today morning i witnessed a truck which parked in our locality and started selling Onion for half the mkt rate!!It was a distressed farmer who had decided that he had enough of the middleman hired a truck and came to the nearest town.
As a consumer i got 50% discount still the farmer made good profit??
Some thing is grossly wrong in our Agribusiness model??


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