Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna Hazare, India and corruption...

For the first time we Indians have started to debate the end of corruption!!This is a remarkable leap for a cynical society like us where each gesture is looked upon suspiciously!!Every one is looking for the hidden dagger behind hand that welcome??
The credit for awakening this time goes again to a Gandhian...who after decades later have shown to us how powerful the idea of non violent protest shit scared the government could be of its own people, the jasmine revolution and the freedom struggle from aristocracy going on in Arab world is a chilly reminder to people who want to hold on to power...
Many of my friends and colleagues belive that this Anna movement will not end corruption...but one man thought it will and he awakened a sleeping giant..Its the believers who have changed the face of this world and not the arm chair critics....I guess for the cynics its so difficult to see the writing on the wall...
I know they will laugh on me if it all fails but hey i believed i can bring the change.....
We have grown in a society where in people have told us always what not to do.. examples
Don't play
don't  drink
Don't run too fast
Don't drive fast
Don't meet friends
Don't meet girls
Don't love
Don't dive....
So here we are a non committal group of people who see the dark side of bright who do all wrong and expect others to do the cleaning for us..
Come on wake up smell the sweat and anger of the masses, all those on road are not doing it for publicity....Anna is a powerhouse and the youth and middle class of India is getting charged by his aura...

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