Monday, August 22, 2011

Changing Retail scenario in India!!

From the days of the corner Mom & Pops stores now we have adopted the organised retail as the call of the day!!
For example in my case we moved on from our corner grocery store to D Mart which was at a distance of 10Km from our locality. Still we used to travel for the competitively priced goods and the ambiance. The quality is always taken for granted as seldom have i found a inferior quality branded item in a Mall!
So when the consumer graduated from the small store to the supermarket what happened to the corner store??Have they vanished??
Out of Business??
Sold out??
NO sir..the answer is a resounding no!!!
They continue to thrive!!
Cause not all go to a mall for all the goods..for example on an avg the time needed to buy a stuff in hurry and get out is too high in a mall as compared to a shop so for spurt purchases no one goes to a mall!
The small corner stores also offer interest free credit for as long as 30 days!!
can the malls beat it!!
The corner stores gives free home delivery and accepts telephonic order.
The service is customized and a fair dash of personal touch!! While the mall experience is sterile and in the great Bazaar called India both are needs to see the impact the proposed opening up of the sector to foreign investment brings!!

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