Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guilt free..Are you??

God made humans and he gave them abundant joy....but he also gave them guilt.
A life  which is guilt free could be the best gift one could have!!But think from where does the guilt comes from??
From childhood we are instilled the values of right and wrong..these give rise to sub conscience which becomes the judge of each and every moment of our life!!
So what is this subconscious and how it always knows what is right and wrong for us!!The Indian mythology is full of anecdotes of this meeting with the sub conscience and how it changed the lives of many beyond comprehension. Its the inner voice which is readily available at ones beck and call, this is so pure and divine that if heard well it has the power to change the world....but such is the moral pollution around us and so badly we are getting conditioned not to listen to it...Our own conscience dies daily a slow and regressive death.
What is left of our lives is a justification..of why we didn't listened to ourselves.
Can we allow our kids to listen to their hearts and follow its leads without restrictions....but then comes a vital factor of Indian upbringing what we call Sanskar!
Its a purely Indian concept and cant be explained in other an Italian PM can boasts of mating with 8 prostitutes in a night and get away as that's the Sanskar of the land. But in a country like India a public figure will  have to hang his boots in disgrace and go into oblivion for even thinking so!!
Some times i wonder how will the spouses and kids of these overtly sexual beings feel in company of these alpha males!!How can a country let it self be ruled by a human who is yet to tame his very basic of animal instincts..whats the guarantee that during a public meeting he is not figuring ut how is he going to nail his next sexual victim. Its not about Strauss or Berlusconi its the overall acceptance of the moral bigotry....Its the death of the collective inner voice!!

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