Sunday, October 2, 2011

Right or Wrong??

A clear conscience is the softest pillow!!
We humans have an inherent sense of right or wrong... that's what we Hindus call the ANTARATMA...the inner conscience...
At the verge of starting my small organisation with some colleagues..i am wondering whats the premise for setting a company...
What are the factors one needs to take in consideration before taking the first step..
Shall the company start operations without a clear Goal and ways to do business..shall we have a set code of work or keep it flexible..what should be one thing on which we shall never ever compromise.
I have seen company taking a stand against own employee just to placate a wrong account..cause that means revenue...What happens to the moral of the employee..
Some one told me once that life is all the same after earning 100 crs...its does not matter if yo have 100 cr 0r 500 eat the same, dress the same..and financially there is no end to how much is enough..
So the company should be value driven with clear conscience or money driven and flexible ready to take short cuts...Please help with thoughts!!

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